Monolith is a tabletop ambient light, which incorporates 300 redundant CDís into the design. These can be discarded CDís or non essential ones, that are rarely used and require semi permanent storage

The light source fits within the hole in the middle of the CD stack. The light is a low energy LED array, a twin sided strip of 48 tiny lights giving off very little heat. The CD stack is held in place by top and bottom plates, secured together by 4 bolted rods that run the outer length of the stack. Monolith stands about 44cm high.

Monolith will be available as a complete light or in self-assembly form without CDís, so the user can source their own. Got all your music collection on your pod, with your CDís just taking up space? You could semi-permanently store the CDís, by incorporating them into the Monolith. Monolith stores CDís completely intact, they can also easily be accessed at a future date by the user if required.