Designs made from salvaged materials.

This lamp was made using car lamps from an old police car.

a light built from old photographic lamps

a clock made using an old tuna can and numbers cut out from cardboard boxes.

eyewear made from an old pair of glasses and two LED digital watch fronts.

a lamp made from bits and bobs including a strainer, chest expander, fruit bowl, soil pipe and reflective insulation

a clock made from a piece of drainpipe. The clock is from a car, a 1950's wolesey i think.

The disk was part of a vent and the column was part of an extractor filter.

Hanging pendant lights made from old ballcocks, spent halogen bulbs and probiotic drinks

Lampshades made from plastic milk bottles

Table made from and Old piece of kitchen sideboard, plated with aluminium drinks cans using 1000 panel pins

Clocks made from Gas mains off cuts